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Zinox Acquires Konga In Landmark Industry Deal

Zinox Group, one of Africa’s greatest innovation bunch has gained web based business stage, which stays one of the greatest players in the area; KOS-Express, the world class coordinations arm of the business and KongaPay, the organization’s incorporated versatile cash installment channel with more than 100,000 endorsers.


The point of interest bargain affirmed by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is relied upon to raise the profile of internet business in the nation.

Industry examiners assess that the obtaining could prompt the mix of Konga and Yudala, which is claimed by Chairman Zinox Group, Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh’s child, to swim off rivalry and make it one of greatest web based business organizations in Africa.

Head of Corporate Communications, Zinox Group, Mr. Gideon Ayogu affirmed the improvement, said;

“Konga is a world-class, professionally-run organization whose point of interest walks in the part has gone far in introducing of Nigerians into the simplicity and accommodation of web based shopping and boosting the direct of web based business in the nation.”

He included: “Today, numerous Nigerians can characteristic their first experience of web based business to and we are eager to be a piece of this amazing story.

“Numerous customers can likewise bear witness to the speed and proficiency in conveyance that describes Kos-Express, the organization’s coordinations arm, which is apparently the best in the part right now.

“Our desire is to up the beat by upsetting online business on the African landmass, with Konga at the fore-front of this activity. Notwithstanding situating the business on a way of benefit for the time being, our long haul designs are engaged around observing Konga entrenched in other African capitals.

“Moreover, we will disclose a ton of new activities soon and we prompt customers and traders alike to pay special mind to these developments which will fundamentally reshape the normal client experience of web based business in Nigeria and on the landmass.”



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