Zimbabwe To Get New President In 48 Hours

Following the exit of Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe, the citizens went into while celebration leaving analyst to worry about who will be the country’s next president.

Now information have emerged that Mnangagwa, who was Mugabe’s Vice is to take oat of office in two days time.

Until Mugabe fired him as Vice President earlier this month, Mnangagwa’s entire political career had been hitched to Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old former leader.
But Mnangagwa has been eying the presidency and maneuvering to dethrone Mugabe for some time. Sources told CNN that he was instrumental in the military’s apparent coup that led to Mugabe’s political demise on Tuesday.
It is not the first time that Mnangagwa has been in line to lead Zimbabwe.
A core member of Mugabe’s ruling circle and a combat-hardened veteran of the struggle for liberation from white-minority rule, Mnangagwa was mooted as a potential presidential successor in leaked US diplomatic cables as far back as 2000.
Those cables, part of a huge cache leaked to whistleblowing website Wikileaks by US army soldier Chelsea Manning, paint a picture of a canny political operative, who has surfed the waves of Zimbabwean politics, navigating periods both in and outside of Mugabe’s trusted inner circle.


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