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Zamfara: We Get Information Ahead Of Military Attacks- Bandits

Bandits terrorizing Zamfara state have revealed that they cannot be captured by the military airstrikes deployed to the state because they get information ahead of attacks against them.

According to Sahara reporters, the revelation was made in a tape recording the conversation of a bandit with an emir in the state.

The bandit, during the phone conversation, threatened that there would be an increase in bloodshed if the Nigerian government continues to deploy more troops to the state

The bandit said: “God has already given you a position (as an emir) and when you talk, people listen. You have some poor masses in the bushes. This violence started happening in our state about six years ago or so.

“They killed my people; they killed my relations; they killed some of my cows, I ran away when they killed my people, then I involved myself in the activities of these terrorist groups, now, I have escaped and back in my community, will you not accept me as a member of this community?”

The emir was quoted as replying thus: “Aka ne (yes that is it).” The bandit continued: “You should call your chiefs and bring your people from the bushes and from the village”

“Anywhere you meet us, advise the people of the community to join hands with the Miyetti Allah association, this land will be peaceful”.

“If they make it this way, peace will reign, but to say you will call police and soldiers to Zamfara, this will not bring peace. It will continue to cause more bloodshed.” The emir responded thus: “Aka ne (yes, that is it).”

The bandit said: “Sometimes, you hear that they bombed a place where the bandits are camping. But the next day, the bandits will still come and strike in another place, close to where they bombed.” The emir replied: “We also are not in support of the bombings.”

The bandit continued: “The reason why their bombing will not work is that before their helicopter comes around, information has already reached us. Before the helicopter leaves any base, the information will reach us, and even where it will land. If they bomb any place, they will kill only birds and animals, which are there.

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“Also on land, soldiers were sent to attack us. But before they come, information has reached us. We know how we will attack them and know all the areas where they will follow. We want you to ban anything vigilante”

“People are surprised that they use airplanes to attack us but we are just like ants. They can’t see us; it is God that is helping us.” The emir replied: “Killing human beings is not good. I have heard your grievances and it is a load on me and I will try to unite the people of the community. We will still call you together to deliberate on it. I will try to ban vigilantes in any other place and I will give the feedback to the government.”

It can be recalled that Zamfara State Council of Chiefs denied the allegation levelled against them by the minister of defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, that some royal fathers in the state were involved.


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