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Young Lady Punished For Mocking National Anthem

Chinese authorities disciplined blogger for disrespecting national anthem.

20-year-old Yang Kaili was arrested for scorning national anthem.

In a video which is viral online, She was seen humming marching music before she began to recite the first line of the national anthem while waving her hands in an orchestra conducting style.

After which she greeted her audience with, Hello, good evening, comrades.

Chinese authorities detained a blogger for five days for “being disrespectful to the national anthem”, police in the city of Shanghai said.

Yang “was disrespectful to the dignity of the national anthem and invited disgust among citizens” Shanghai police added.

However, she has apologized last week in a Weibo post, vowing to stop live streaming, to conduct “self-rectification” and “seriously watch patriotic publicity films”

while Shanghai police have said on their verified account on the Weibo platform, “Live streaming sites are not outside the law,”

Just last year, China introduced a law that mandates up to 15 days in police detention for those who mock the “March of the Volunteers” national anthem.


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