‘You Cant’ Make Heaven If You Consume Titus Fish, Vitamin C’ – Says Nigerian Prophet

A Nigerian Prophetess has warned the members of her congregation to desist from taking Vitamin C and eating Titus fish if they must make heaven.

In a trending video, the prophetess seen dressed in white robes and white scarf, spoke in English and a little in Yoruba

she said “If you continue taking Vitamin C, bet it you can’t make it. How can you make it? Unless you go and stop it and do your deliverance,” she said.

She claimed that the ascorbic acid content of Vitamin C was responsible for what would take one to hell.

In the video, the prophetess said “Is it not ascorbic? Ascorbic acid is not produced anywhere on earth. Ascorbic acid came directly from the deep sea” as she walks to the podium.

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“Some of you still dey take eja Titus…You can’t make heaven so far you are still eating ejaTitus. You can’t make heaven also. You must go for deliverance.”


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