Yoruba Movie War: TUMPMAN Accusses YOFIPMAN Of Witch-Hunt…

   The Unique Movie Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria, TUMPMAN has alleged that marketers from Idumota who now ply their trade at the Arena (Army Cantonment Shopping Mall), Oshodi, Lagos who belong to the Yoruba video films Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria(YOFIPMAN) have issued directives to owners of video clubs and video rental associations otherwise known as Video Club Owners Association of Nigeria (VCOAN), the Video Rental Operators Owners Association of Nigeria (VROAN) and VIPCON not to buy products from TUMPMAN.
The allegation was communicated through a press release issued by the Director General of TUMPMAN, Mr. Busayo Odu. During an exclusive interview with E247.com, Mr. Odu claimed that all such attempts to frustrate his group of movie and music videos of Yoruba extractions have failed. It said, “Several meetings have been held by the arena marketers with the 3 video club associations (VCOAN, VROAN and VICPON) since the inception of TUMPMAN begging them not to buy films released by TUMPMAN again but the associations said they will continue to buy movies from TUMPMAN. This has caused a major problem between the arena marketers and the south-west coordinator of the video club owners.” According to the media statement, “Another meeting was held at the secretariat of YOFIPMAN with the executives of the video club owners today (Friday 20th July) ended in a deadlock because the video club associations insisted that the films coming out on the stable of TUMPMAN are far better than theirs and TUMPMAN price is even more favourable compared with YOFIPMAN. The major complain of YOFIPMAN since TUMPMAN has started releasing movies is that their (YOFIPMAN) sales have dropped drastically. What many people are now going for is TUMPMAN movies. Also, many of their so-called distributors despite many threats from YOFIPMAN executives are now selling TUMPMAN products. They claimed that customers no longer demand YOFIPMAN movies and that is the reason distributors now patronized only TUMPMAN’s movies. It has come to be that once a product is not of TUMPMAN, customers don’t want to rent it again.” While reacting to the report, the Public Relations Officer of YOFIPMAN, Alhaji Bashiru Ganiyu of Timolak Films debunked the rumour. He claimed that he and his association have no moral right to prevent TUMPMAN nor anyone from producing, marketing or selling Yoruba music and movie videos. “We don’t have any issue with anyone doing his or her business. We are not the federal government. It’s only government that can stop anyone doing business in Nigeria. They are doing their business and we are doing our business. So, you see that it can’t be true. We never ask them not to do business with TUMPAN. We had a meeting with those groups you mentioned, to discuss on way forward of our business which anyone can do. I was in the meeting and I know that YOFIPMAN never mentions anything that has to do with TUMPAN, ” Bashiru stated. It would be recalled that the magazine has published several stories before now on the trade war between Busayo Odu and the Arena marketers. That was even before TUMPMAN was created. In one of the previous publications on the cold war in 2016, the paper wrote that “The war of attrition between the Yoruba Video/Film Producers and Marketers Association (YOVFIPMAN), and Integrity Productions and Marketing Ltd has finally been resolved. The marketing and distribution war was called off on 23rd of February 2016. This was after a high-delegate meeting was brokered between the warring parties, at the Arena Plaza, Oshodi Lagos. It was gathered that the southwest chairman of VICOAN (Video Club Owners Association of Nigeria) played a prominent role in organising the peace meeting. At that meeting held to broker peace, the erstwhile President of YOFIPMAN, Corporate Picture’s boss, Razak Abdullahi, said, “From what I have been hearing about Integrity Productions, I thought he is an arrogant man. But from what I’m seeing and with his manner of approach, I’m convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that he is a complete gentleman who is after the progress of this industry and that of the association.” The then PRO of YOFIPMAN also corroborated the speech of the President, that “Contrary to what we have heard of Integrity Productions, Busayo is down to heart and he is a man of peace. We are ready to associate with him if he is ready to abide by our rules” The meeting ended with an agreement reached that Integrity Productions of Busayo Odu should continue to operate as an independent marketer while YOVFIPMAN members will henceforth sell his products. In a social media chat, Busayo hinted that the latest onslaught from Arena marketers was a result of the popularity TUMPMAN has garnered from the distributors and video rental associations. He chipped in that, that became possible because of the quality of products credited to TUMPMAN. “TUMPMAN has become known for better movie production quality than YOFIPMAN. Our movies now sell more than those of Arena because we spend more on production and have established a template for good jobs. That is the crux of the matter. Meanwhile, in separate interviews, both VCOAN AND VROAN categorically stated that they are not a part of YOFIPMAN, and so, are not obliged to take orders from it. Olufemi Bello of VCOAN said he does not believe Arena marketers can stop his association from doing business with TUMPMAN. He said, “We are in a free market. We market, YOFIPMAN produces. We are for all. I doubt if Arena can make us stop to do business with TUMPMAN.” •


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