Yomi Sars Joins In The Call To End Sars; Nigerians React

Singing police officer Abayomi Ekundayo aka Yomi Sars joins has been captured on camera as he joins the call by thousands of Nigerian citizens to put an end to the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

The officer gained popularity on the social media after he came out to show off his talent as a singer, and has since begun his career as a music artiste while doubling as a police officer.

In a video making rounds in the online community, the officer of the law was recorded at a social function with some friends as he repeatedly mouthed the words : “End SARS, end SARS”

Some social media users reacted to the video saying that the police officer’s words were not sincere and he was only making the call because he was at a gathering where angry youths could possibly accost him. See some comments below:

Fummykushimo: He had to concur with the call to end SARS so the youths at the club will not kill him…sharp ode boy

Idaoracle: He is just acting a fool to fool the fool who think they are fooling him #UGeTmE

Mfdw_stores_fabrics_and_more: Abi is he afraid that they may lynch him of he does not join and say it?

Eniola_fatoye: He is not even confident enough to say it I see the look in his face.

The call to bring the SARS movement to an end is one that has gained momentum in the Nigerian media space. Many citizens have constantly expressed that they are living in fear and cannot even vouch for their own security by officers of the law who are supposed to protect them.

A case in view is the sad incident of a 36-year-old Kolade Johnson, who died after being hit by a stray bullet from a SARS official.

His death among others have enraged Nigerians and intensified the call for an end to the police movement.


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