Xenophobic Attacks: Group Threatens To Retaliate The Killings Of Nigerian Residents In South Africa

A socio-political group, Igbo National Council (INC), has threatened to mobilize for retaliation against South Africans residents in Nigeria if xenophobic attacks on Nigerians persists within the next fourteen (14) days from today.

INC gave the threat in a statement issued to newsmen on Friday by its President, Comrade Chilos Godsent.

It also called for a halt in the patronage enjoyed by South Africa-owned service providers in Nigeria.

Reacting to the recent killings of Nigerians in South Africa, the group urged the federal government to stop the patronage, until xenophobic attacks on Nigerian citizens stop in the former apartheid enclave (South Africa).

The statement by the INC reads thus in part, “For many years now, we have watched helplessly with great disappointment and regrets, the reckless killings of Nigerians in many cities and towns in South Africa in the name of Xenophobia. Many Nigerians are been brutally murdered in cool blood in such a barbaric manner.

“We note that no responsible country or leadership in the modern world will sit down and watch her citizens been viciously murdered by bloodthirsty hoodlums in whatever reasons.

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“We severally watched on televisions seeing Nigerians stoned to death like in the days of the dark ages, some burnt alive with tyres on their neck, many butchered like cows and many been shot with guns in the presence of the South African law enforcement agencies.

“Again, thousands of Nigerians are arbitrarily kept in solitary conferment in various prisons, police cells and detention centres across South Africa.”



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