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#WorldMalariaDay: 9 Things People Don’t Know About Malaria

With the incessant rise in malaria, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has leveled up to fight against the deadly disease people take lightly.

Following this year’s theme on #WorldMalariaDay, ‘Zero Malaria Starts With Me’, there are some facts people don’t known about this disease.

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Below are things people don’t know about malaria;

1.  Malaria is an infectious disease caused by mosquito.

2.  Malaria affects both man and animal.

3.  The symptoms of malaria begin 8 to 25 days following the infection.

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4.  Symptoms of malaria include fever, tiredness, vomiting and headaches.

5.  Malaria can cause seizures, yellow skin and at times leads to coma or death.

6.  Malaria in pregnant women is a major cause of stillbirths and low birth weight.

7.  It can lead to liver dysfunction.

8.  There is no vaccine for malaria.

9.  The best prevention for malaria are mosquito elimination, prevention of bites and medication.


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