Woman Storm Kindergarten slash kids with kitchen Knife

A 39 year old woman, Liu, around 9:30 am today stormed a kindergarten in China and attacked children returning from morning exercise.

This sad incident happened at the gate of Xinshiji Kindergarten in Banan District of China’s southwestern city of Chongqing.

Two kids have been confirmed dead while at least 14 injured with many in critical conditions.

According to the police, The woman, identified only by her surname Liu, attacked the kids at the gate of Xinshiji Kindergarten as they returned from morning exercise with their teacher,  Armed with a kitchen knife, she slashed and stabbed the innocent youngster, some as young as three.

The woman involved, Liu, was arrested at the scene after being restrained by guards and staff at the kindergarten.

Giving a reason for her action, she reportedly told police that she was mistreated by the Chinese government, according to local media.


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