Woman Runs Mad During Pastor’s Deliverance Of Her Younger Sister

The woman gone mad at church deliverance

A female member of the Covenant of Greatness Christian Bible Church, Sapele in Delta State, (name withheld) went mad while her pastor, Prophet  Henry Osasere was delivering her younger sister who she had invited to church for a deliverance service, reports Emmanuel Omene-Johnson.

The incident happened on Thursday, 3rd August, 2017 at the auditorium of church, during the service of the day.

Information made available online by a social media user indicates that the delivered woman, 30, who was married twelve years before that fateful day, has not experienced her monthly menstrual periods for 12 years. As a result of that, she has not been able to give birth to a child.

The incident was said to have thrown the bewildered congregation into frenzy, with many of them expressing delight at the fate of the younger woman who had volunteered to come to the service.

They postulated that had the younger sibling not come to worship that day she would not have known that it was her ‘darling ‘sister who was hitherto, behind her peril.


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