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Woman Rescued After 32 Years Of Sex Slavery Captivity

45 years old Argentinian woman has been rescued after 32 years old sex slavery captivity.

The Argentinian woman whose identity has remained un-anonymous was kidnapped alongside her elder sister in 1987 was rescued by the police in South America after been captive for 32 years. she was rescued alongside her nine years old son, who she had while in captive.

Meanwhile, her elder sister escaped three months after their captive. The 45 years-old woman who was 13 during her captive was moved around the country to avoid her from being rescued from her kidnappers. However, on Saturday, as reported by a news agency, officers from a special task force conducted a rescue operation after an anonymous tip-off.

She was reportedly found chained up in a garage in Bermejo, Bolivia, with a nine-year-old son she had in captivity. After the rescue, the woman and her son were taken back to her childhood home in the city of Mar del Plata, where they were reunited with family in time for Christmas.

It is reported that in the past 10 years, more than 12,000 victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation have been rescued in Argentina.


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