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Woman found naked in wilderness recounts how she survived for three weeks lost in the woods

A missing woman, who was thought to be dead, came out from the woods 28 days after, naked and visibly sick.

Lisa Theris went missing on July 18 and her family feared the worst. But last Saturday a woman driving down a country road outside of Union Springs, Alabama, spotted a naked woman and called the police.

“I just passed a road and there’s a lady that, she came out of the woods naked and she’s been sick. She’s been in the woods for three weeks,” the caller told 911 dispatchers.

When police found Lisa, they thought she had lost about 40 pounds and noted she had suffered deep cuts, bug bites, poison ivy stings, and sunburn.

Lisa said she survived by feeding on berries, mushrooms and drinking puddles of water.

“If it rained I’d have to like squeeze the water out of my hair and drink it,” Theris, a former waitress and radiology student, said.

She continued: “It was all about finding the road or finding a person. I couldn’t even hear any cars the whole time I was out there until the end.”



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