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Woman Duped Of Over 72m By A Play Boy

Cecilie  Fjellhoy, a woman from Lillestrom in Norway has been scammed a huge amount totaling N72 million by an Israeli playboy nicknamed ‘Prince of Diamonds’ after matching with him on Tinder in Norway.

Cecilie, 29, had been swindled by the ‘diamond dealer’ who organized a private plane to take them to Bulgaria from London on the first date. The conman first asked Miss Fjellhoy, a graduate student, to take out a line of credit for him in her name just four weeks into their relationship, claiming that it was a security measure due to threats against him.

The man, Shimon Hayut, 28, is said to have deceived multiple Scandinavian women with the same ‘confidence fraud’, claiming he was Simon Leviev, the son of Jewish billionaire diamond merchant Lev Leviev.

‘Simon Leviev’ won the affection of Miss Fjellhoy before taking advantage of her financially. Several reports confirmed that he had previously spent three years in Finnish prison for defrauding several women in the same way. Miss Fjellhoy revealed how the betrayal led her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

She said: “I hate him, he’s so horrible, I am just tired of crying about this you know?” And further bemoaned that “It’s just so painful. I just hate myself that I did this.

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Miss Fjellhoy disclosed that she had to be put into Psychiatric ward because of suicidal thoughts She filled out documents for an American Express platinum card per his instructions and he told her to file an income of N72 million The conman assured her no one was going to check it. Ms. Fjellhoy said she took the handsome young Israeli by his word just four weeks into their relationship.

She took out huge loans for the card and said the Tinder-swindler was soon maxing out the card. Hayut spent two million Norwegian krone (N71.7 million) in just 54 days and was racking up bills on paying for his two assistants, his bodyguard, and flights across the world. She told VG her money was being spent on Louboutins in Bangkok, on Gucci in Barcelona, at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin and the Conservatory in Amsterdam.

She said: ‘I see a difference in myself when I talk to people, [I am] much less naive.’

Miss Fjellhoy said the moment she finally realized Hayut had stolen her money was ‘such a shock’.

She said: ‘I almost wanted to throw up, it was the first time in my life that I had gotten such a shock that my body physically was telling me that, ‘OK your life is ruined,’ everything came crashing down around me.’

Hayut has been on the wanted list on charges of theft, forgery, and fraud in Israel since 2011, the Times of Israel reported. He has been reported for fraud in England, Norway, and Sweden.



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