Woman, Children Detained 2yrs In China

 Adiba Hayrat, and her two kids, Ansila Esten, and  Nursila Esten, have been held against their will in China. The three have not been seen by their family for two years after traveling to China amidst the country’s crackdown on Muslims.

Hayrat had taken her daughters, 8-year-old Ansila and 7-year-old Nursila, on the trip where she planned to take makeup training classes and visit her parents. She had reportedly left behind her 9-month-old son and husband.

The woman’s husband, Esten Erbol, had explained that his wife was detained after she arrived in China. he had sadly expressed that his son was not one year old when she left and he calls every female figure he see mama. Mum and her 2 daughters lost to family for 2 years as China cracks down on Muslim worshipper

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He said: “My son wasn’t even 1 when she left. When he sees young women in the neighborhood, he calls them mama. He doesn’t know what his own mother looks like.”

The woman, who grew up in China, and her two daughters are Chinese citizens who were planning on becoming citizens of Kazakstan.

According to the family, the woman was held in a Chinese detention camp in Xinjiang for more than a year while her kids were sent to live with relatives.

She was later released but she has been afraid to go back home. It was gathered that the woman now stays with her parents in China working in a forced labor facility unable to see or contact her family. She has not gone home out of fear of being sent back to a detention camp.


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