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Why Obasanjo Compared Nigeria Today With Civil War days


Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo has said that lack of unity in the country may bring about danger in the future.

In his remarks today, at the annual retreat of Association of Chief Audit Executives of Banks in Nigeria (ACAEBIN) in Abeokuta, Ogun State, he said “looking at the country’s situation today, we were not as divided as this, during the civil war”.

Speaking on the theme “Politics; Population; Prosperity; Protection and Partnership” he stressed that the country’s population ought to be a strong tool for the development of the country.

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The former president said “other things may not be right, unless we get governance, we must provide good infrastructures and social amenities of the citizens” he said.

Narrating the Nigerian population at independence, when it was estimated to be 45 million and now that it is estimated to be 200 million, Obasanjo stressed that potentials of the country would be difficult to utilize without internal and external partnerships.

“By the year 2050, we will be over 400 million, but looking at the condition we are in now when in the North-East of Nigeria, the percentage of adult literacy is about 53 per cent. You can see that we have a problem and education is basic in all human development.”

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He said, “I am not being bothered about Nigeria’s poverty or Africa poverty, we have natural resources that we can use to generate wealth if we bring these together, and then, we will definitely get prosperity.”

He further urged federal and state governments to ensure the protection of lives and properties of citizens, just as he called on leaders to provide healthcare, education and employment for the people


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