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Why Nollywood Actor, Kunle Afod’s Wife Almost Aborted Last Pregnancy

Desola Afod, wife of Nollywood actor Kunle Afod, has celebrated their 4th child whom she said she contemplated aborting.

Taking to the social media, Kunle Afod’s wife said she had thought about aborting the pregnancy because there was no money for them to be able to afford a 4th Caesarian Section.

Now, the mother of boys is grateful she didn’t go through with the abortion as some women advised her against it. She further revealed how her heart melted when she finally set her eyes on the little man.

In another post, she appreciated her husband, who she claimed has always cared for the family, saying she would not stop being the Ruth in his life.

She further stated that she was grateful for life even if there is still no money.

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Meanwhile Desola tookl to her instagram handle last year, to warn actresses who sleep with her husband to let him be, so that he can have time to take care of his home and family.

The mom-of-4 cute boys, noted that she has been quiet for long, while daring the actresses and upcoming acts who have slept with her husband to show up at movie locations with him and see how relaxed she would be.



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