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‘Why Lagos demolished Ikeja workshops’, LASPEMA

The Lagos State Government on Thursday called for the demolition of a workshop it recently carried out in Ikeja, saying it was in the order of the court.

Lagos State Planning and Environmental Monitoring Authority, LASPEMA, an arm of the Environmental Sanitation and Enforcement Agency demolished The workshop on Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun.

“Prior to the demolition, the claimants, Rotimi Olufunsho Kolawole and Anor were arrested and arraigned before a Magistrate Court for construction of illegal shanties which serves as a hideout for criminals at the workshop premises.

“The claimants filed a suit against the Lagos State Government alleging that the demolition of their workshop was wrongful and illegal. They subsequently claimed the sum of N27,800,000 as special damages for goods illegally carried away and the sum of N50,000,000 as general damages for paralyzing their business operation.

“The Magistrate Court earlier ruled that the illegal shanties erected on the premises should be demolished and items found on the property should be evacuated to the office of the Lagos State Taskforce for safekeeping,” Oyekanmi said.


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