What Convinced My Parents To Support My Acting Career -Adebayo Salami

Nollywood veteran actor, Adebayo Salami has revealed his parents’ reaction when he made known his intention to venture into acting.

According to Salami, it didn’t sound well for his parents when his choice of career was made known to everyone.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the Yoruba movie star claimed acting as a profession back in those days was not a thing of seriousness.

According to Salami, where he came from, they only respect doctors and lawyers.

He said, “There was no parent that supported their children going into theatre production in those days. Particularly in the town where I come from, religion was taken very seriously. I was also the first child, and people felt it wasn’t proper for me to become an actor. The profession was looked down on in those days, and they only respected people like doctors and lawyers. It was quite tough in those days. But I thank God that today, the story has changed.”

Making known how his parents supported his choice of career, Salami recounted a scenario that convinced his parents that ‘indeed acting is a reputable profession.

“They only started accepting me when stardom came and there was one particular incident that changed their minds. One of my siblings was supposed to attend a school, but he wasn’t given a letter of admission, even though he had earlier been shortlisted.

“On one fateful day, my uncle asked me to drive them to the school, and when we got there, a crowd of people swarmed around me chanting my name. When we got to the office of the admission officer, the man also received us well and asked me what I wanted. We were immediately given the admission letter. That incident convinced my people that the path I was on was the right one for me.” He added.


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