We Will Not Allow Gang Wars, Cult Activities Sponsored By Politicians In Lagos State- Edgar Imohimi

The Commissioner of police, Imohimi Edgar has said that gang wars, cultism related activities sponsored by politicians will not be allowed in Lagos state.

Speaking during a one-day town hall security summit towards a violent free 2019 elections organised held at Arcade Event Centre, Tafawa Balewa Square, Edgar said “We cannot allow cultist groups to begin to fester, hoping that they will receive patronage from politicians.

Lagos is a cosmopolitan state, an elite environment, so there is no room for thuggery in Lagos. I am calling on politicians to abide by the rules, INEC has made it clear that any form of campaigns or political activities are not allowed for presidency Aand national assembly till on the18 of November and not before. While governorship will commence on the 2nd if December and not before. So any persons or group must be patient. Political activities will not commence under any guise before the scheduled dates.
We don’t need to disguise campaigns in the name of thank you tour, or any other political activity before the stipulated time. Politicians should not go to public places and give money out. I am also advising that they should not give money out, because most of the troubles and killings that come up are usually because of money sharing. It is the fight over money that usually leads to the loss of life. It doesn’t make any sense if a politician’s good gestures would lead to loss of lives.

He, however, lamented that cultism has taken a frightening dimension.
According to the interim investigation report,  the recent incident that occurred at Ikorodu road was clear that a politician who embarked on a thank you political tour at Ikororu road and in the process because it is not controlled cultists hijacked the gathering and there was mayhem, and people lost their lives”.

“As stakeholders, we must not take the issue of cultism with levity because it has the potential to dislocate the peace that we experience across the state. we will not allow people to come from anywhere and heat up Lagos island in the name of politics.

Cultism is known for nothing but robbery drug abuse, drug peddling, rape and other social vices. We must join hands together to ensure that these boys and girls begin to contribute their quota to the development of society. I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks the local government chairmen and traditional leaders here will be inviting me to come and receive cultists that voluntarily renounced cultism. I know jointly we can do it together.”


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