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Walking Dead Actor, Michael Mundy, Jailed For Biting Woman

American actor who played a flesh-eating zombie on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” has been charged with assault after allegedly sinking his teeth into a British woman with whom he had been romantically linked. The alleged victim, a mother of two, is a fan of the show and was bitten and slapped.

Michael Mundy and Beverly Jackson first started dating several years ago after meeting at a U.K. horror convention but the 52-year-old actor grew increasingly abusive.

He was arrested and sentenced in November to a brief stint in jail and banned from seeing Jackson however, upon his release, Mundy breached the restraining order.

He was recalled to jail last month, according to a report published on Sunday by the U.K’s The Sun.

Jackson said she first fell for Mundy because he was “very charming and promised to help me get into films.” However, his abusive side soon began to show.

After the first meeting eight years ago, Mundy went back home to the U.S., but two years ago he contacted Jackson ahead of a visit to the U.K. hoping to stay in her spare room.

Jackson relented to seeing him but in late 2018 Mundy attacked her in a hotel room in Germany.

“He hit me around the face, bit me on the hands, arm, and back, kicked me and threw me out of the room,” Jackson said.

Mundy is due to be released soon and Jackson is concerned that he will seek her out again.

“I fear he won’t stop until I’m dead,” she said.









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