Waje Considers Quitting Music


A video currently making rounds on social media is that of Aituaje Iruobe, a.k.a Waje, one of Nigeria’s finest female singers. She was making a revelation that she intends to hang her boots in the music industry due to the poor reception of her latest body of work.

In a deeply emotional 12 minutes clip that surfaced on popular video streaming platform, YouTube, awarding-winning singer Waje was captured on camera in a vulnerable state as she poured out her mind about her career as a singer

The clip had open with a series of screenshots of social media users baring their mind on the worrisome state of acceptance of Nigerian artistes that have pitched their tents in the corridors of soul music. Waje had also come up in the exchange after a user blamed the poor reception of her latest album Red Velvet on misogyny.


Some other users, however, watered down the argument and argued that if the singer’s album did not do well, it was entirely by her doing, and a lack of proper promotion and publicity by her team.  A Particular scene in the video shows the singer in a heated phone argument with some members of her team identified as Fatima and Tolani.

In a heartbroken tone, she made it known that she was tired of pumping money into music when it was not yielding as many profits in return. Waje continued by saying her belief in music was already taunted and she no longer had any faith in what she was doing. She said music was not the only thing she was good at and maybe it is long due for her to explore other opportunities.

Waje and some of her teammates that came visiting. Some users on the platform took to the comment section with emotional reactions to the video, see comments below:

Olajumoke kolade: Mama I Cried!!!!! This was an emotional one and that you were strong enough to bare it to the world made it more so….. Words are not just enough honestly. I pray you find your Peace to strengthen your Faith. This Fan Loves you and prays for you.

Joseph Onaolapo: This was a lot to watch. This is very understandable going through what you have. My words won’t put food on your table but if you remember my conversation in February, you are a legend to me and many more. Please keep fighting.

Nneka Ezealor: So, after making me cry watching this, Waje, tell me what you want me to tell my 9yr old daughter who fell in love with you while watching The Voice and even more after your song with Lira. You want me to tell her that Wale doesn’t want to do music any more? How? How? How?

Kennedy Aziagba: Waje, I understand the industry can be frustrating, putting out music can be capital intensive but you have loyal fans who will always be here, here to support you, music or movies, no matter what WE LOVE YOU WAJE…

Nsoh Nannette: I initially thought this was all a joke and it was actually gonna end up with a nice song saying don’t give up.It urged me to watch till the end only for me to start looking for the one who was cutting onions by me.This touched me.I wish I didn’t have a heart…we love you Waje…don’t give up plsss


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