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Victoria Gagariga Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Murdering Husband In Bayelsa

The Bayelsa State High Court went before finished by Justice Nayai Aganaba has condemned 30-year-old Victoria Gagariga to death by hanging for murdering her better half, Henry Gagariga on the fourth of February, 2015, in their Bayelsa home.


In Delivering the case is said to have waited for a long time after the demise of the expired, the judge said the indictment called six witnesses and created seven displays while the guard just had one witness who happened to be the denounced.

Experiencing the records of round of questioning of the witnesses, Justice Aganaba noticed that all confirmations gave by the arraignment group demonstrated that the suspect was liable as charged and different realities additionally affirmed that she was the main individual with the perished as at the season of his demise thus she was the one that slaughtered him.

The charged who hails from Brass Local Government Area and is said to be a representative of the Bayelsa Arts and Culture purportedly wounded her better half on the neck amid a contention.

As per the judge, Victoria murdered her better half out of desire and fixation.

He said;

Tragically that I can just articulate the sentence endorsed by law. I wish I had the attentiveness to do something else. Nonetheless, that carefulness rests with the official legislative head of Bayelsa State. I am just left with the impulse to articulate the sentence endorsed by law. I trust that individual the carefulness would take a gander at the situation of this case and do the needful. I therefore articulate my sentence. My sentence upon you is that you should hold tight the neck until the point that you kick the bucket. May the Lord show kindness toward your soul


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