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Victim Explained Her Ordeal Month After She Was Raped

A Twitter user @denireti narrated the trauma she went through months after she was raped and how people that surrounds her treated her.

She shared her story in reaction to the news of the death of Uwaila Omozuwa who was killed while reading in a church in Edo state.

Adenireti stated that the trauma made her slapped a guy that locked her up in class, because his action reminded her of what happened before she was raped.

She tweeted; “I slapped a 400l Male when I was in 200l because he locked me up in a class in the middle of the night. I didn’t slap him because I had anger issues like everyone painted. I slapped him because the last time a guy locked me up, I was raped.

“I couldn’t tell anyone I had just been raped a few months before, hence my reaction but trust people to twist stories and Luth to escalate rubbish. I can’t even forget how they all supported him because he was male and as a young lady, I shouldn’t behave that way”.




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