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Veteran Dancer Tessy Yembra Dies After Battling Ill Health

How she fought strange illness for years Family to observe 8 days and 41 days in Lagos. Have you heard that Tessy Yembra, fondly called African Tina Turner is dead? She died on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, after a prolonged illness (City People Reports).

The ace dancer Tessy Yembra finally gave up the ghost yesterday at her Lagos abode after fighting a strange illness for years.

Tessy nicknamed African Tina Turner was famous for her dance prowess in late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s Fuji Garbage àlbum 1985 and Sir Shina Peters’ Ijo Shina.

Mrs. Tessy Yembra has since being buried immediately but her family will hold a special prayer for her at Fadeyi on the 8th days while another prayer will be held in her honour after 41days.

Late Yembra was one of the closest aide(though not as rich as Late Adunni Bankole), to Late Adunni Bankole. She died in her late 50s.


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