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USA Rapper Soulja Boy Sentenced To 240 days In Prison

A California judge has just sentenced Rapper and Business man Soulja Boy aka Young Draco to 249 days in jail for violating his probation.

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According to @TMZ_TV, Big Soulja Boy went to court today and a judge hit him with roughly 8 months of jail time. If you remember, Soulja Boy has been taken into custody about 40 days ago for reportedly failing to do court-ordered community service and falsify evidence that he had actually completed it.

The final straw was when cops pulled up to his home to investigate claims that he was holding one of his ex-girlfriends captive. Instead, cops found ammunition which is a problem for someone on probation.

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If you didn’t already know,  having possession of ammunition while on probation is enough to get you back in the clink, especially if you’re on parole for a weapons charge.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only bad news for Soulja Boy. Recently, his home was broken into where nearly $500K worth of items were stolen! The thieves reportedly took his jewelry, cash and even his iPhone where they later went live., basically snitching on themselves.

After the video surfaced, it seems Soulja Boy believes the whole thing was an inside job orchestrated by the members in his inner circle. Things just seems to be getting worse and worse for Soulja Boy. Let’s hope his brief stint behind bars slows him down and gets his mind right. If all goes according to plan, he should be out around Christmas. Maybe 202 will be the biggest comeback of his career?

sourced : theshaderoom.com


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