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Uplifting News: David Oyelowo Awards Grant to Young Ladies Who Survived Boko Haram Assault

A mainstream Hollywood on-screen character has connected with five survivors of Boko Haram rebellion, The regarded performer, David Oyelowo, said he will finance the training of the five young ladies.

The subsidizing is done in association with a non-legislative association The regarded British-Nigerian Hollywood on-screen character, David Oyelowo, has declared by means of a post on his Instagram page that he will support the instruction of five Nigerian young ladies who survived the Boko Haram uprising in the upper east. Oyelowo said that it is essential that the young ladies leave on the excursion toward their actual fate, having figured out how to defeat the impacts of the Boko Haram assault.

His post: “Glad to display the sublime beneficiaries of the David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship. They survived dread because of Boko Haram, now the trip toward their actual fate has started. Take in more at @geancofdn”.

The David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship program, which the young ladies are recipients of, is sorted out in organization with the Geanco Foundation. Talking on the improvement by means of an Instagram post, Geanco, a non-administrative association, said the insurrection kept one of the young ladies out of school for a long time, and that she as of late won a paper challenge.

The post: “Our @davidoyelowo Leadership Scholars, just before making a beeline for school after their winter break. Such brilliant hues and grins!! The helpful young woman dressed in purple on the far left simply won a local article challenge.” “Boko Haram kept her out of school for a long time, yet she is thundering back and exceeding expectations after just barely 18 months at her new school. In this way, in this way, so glad.”



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