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Update: Trump Partially Shut Down US Government

President Trump partially shut down the government over the failure of Democrats to vote for funding of the Border Wall.

In a series of tweets made by President Donald Trump on the early hours of Friday, the President promised to shut down the US government if Democrats fail to vote in for the Wall.

Meanwhile, after talks at the House over the Border wall funding, they have yet to conclude, President Trump at midnight on Friday (05:00 GMT), partially shut down the US government. Trump has blamed Democrats for the shut down.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders say the government has shut down because President Donald Trump threw a “temper tantrum.”

Chuck Schunner and Nancy Pelosi, both Democratic leaders said, Trump “has gotten what he wanted” after threatening a shutdown several times. The government partially shut down at midnight after an impasse between Trump and Congress over money for a border wall.

The Democrats say the wall is “ineffective and expensive,” adding that Trump “convinced House Republicans to push our nation into a destructive Trump shutdown in the middle of the holiday season.”

However, Pelosi and Schumer have promised to pass legislation to reopen the government in January after Democrats takes over the House majority, if the standoff isn’t resolved. The shutdown comes after Vice President Mike Pence, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and senior adviser Jared Kushner spent much of Friday on Capitol Hill trying to break the standoff.


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