ULC Calls Off Strike, Settles For Negotiation

The United Labour Congress (ULC) who has threatened to collaborate with Trades Union Congress (TUC) and Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and shut other sectors of the country down if the government fails to meet their demand has called off its three-day-old strike.

Announcing the decision to journalists, the President of ULC, Joe Ajaero, said the union would negotiate with the Federal Government and seek ways of reaching an agreement on its demands, which included official recognition by the government.

Ajaero said, “The major reason for the strike was the refusal of the government to recognise the ULC. Even the resident doctors have not told us who registered them, let alone over 12 registered industrial unions, which have indicated interest to be part of the ULC and met all the conditions.

“And the law permits you to do that within three months and you have not done it. We have told you two or three conditions, like the issue of putting us in the committee for the negotiation of the minimum wage, was quickly addressed even before the strike.

“And like we mentioned to you, the issue of ASUU has naturally been taken care of. There are four or five conditions that are still pending, which we intend to go into by next week.”

Ngige explained that the meeting reached a consensus on some of the union’s demands, noting that many of the issues had been resolved before the negotiation.

“Issue of salaries shortfall has been addressed; ASUU has called off (its strike) and we are left with few issues to resolve,” the minister stated.

Recalled that The ULC was formed after Ajaero broke away with 23 unions following a dispute over the outcome of the elections into the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress in 2015.


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