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Ugandan Lady Accuses Nigerian Boyfriend Of Defrauding Her

A Nigeria influencer, identifies as Ralph Damilola Akinola, has been trending on social media following a call out from a Ugandan Lady, Sharon Godwin, who accused him of defrauding her.

Sharon said, she became friends with Ralph after meeting him on twitter, thing later became emotional. It however turned into a relationship, after this, they both decided to meet in December 2019 with a agreement of sharing the expenses 50-50

She wrote,

I don’t like doing this but this shit has gone way beyond my patience, I just have to say it out. Myself and One of your Nigerian Twitter influencers, Ralph/@OmoIyaDammy have known ourselves for some time now. We met on Twitter & talked every day. The energy was massive & undeniable.

We got into a relationship and it was all nice & good. We grew closer every day. Video calls, texts, late-night chats. We agreed to see in December and that made us happy. We came up with the agreement to split the billing 50-50 as it would be too much on him to carry.

Ralph arrived in Uganda on 18th December 2019. I received him from the airport and we were fucking excited to meet like expected, we went to the hotel that I paid for with my money. This guy was ordering for expensive shit only but I paid and that was where this story began.

I noticed he didn’t come with money at least his 50% as we previously agreed, I was stunned and couldn’t believe it but being an actor & all he has always had his way with words and promised he was gonna refund half of whatever I would spend on him during his stay in Uganda.


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