Uganda Dormitory Inferno Kills Nine Students

Nine students have been killed after fire engulfed a dormitory at a St. Bernard Maya secondary school in southern Uganda.

Nine students died after fire engulfed a dormitory at a secondary school in southern Uganda early Monday, police said, one of the deadliest in a string of conflagrations at schools across the country in recent years, REUTERS.

The nine students died after which the fire overtook the dormitory that housed over 130 students, it was however reported to Reuters by the police spokesman Patrick Onyango, who said that the fire might have been deliberately started by a group of students who had been expelled days earlier from the same school over indiscipline.

“It is suspected that they could be the ones that set the school on fire because of anger. They came back between midnight and 1 a.m. (local time Monday) and set the school ablaze,” he said.

“Our investigation is along that line because that is what we suspect happened.”

However, other students were injured in the fire and had been rushed to nearby health facilities, but their number is yet to be confirmed, Onyango reported.


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