Tyler Perry Kills Off Madea’s Character

Oh no! We’re never seeing Madea again…

The popular sharp-tongued and feisty Madea that we’ve  all come to love, played by Terry Perry himself,  will be  laid to rest in a new Tyler Perry’s movie Family Funeral

The feisty Madea

After 13 years and 10 films, Tyler Perry is finally retiring Madea. Madea was created in 1999 long before she went on to anchor her own series of film shows. She was introduced to the world through Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

On his reason, Tyler Perry told Hollywood Reporter that he’s got some other interesting things he wants to do at age 50 which is actually Madea’s fictional age.

Tyler Perry

A lot of us are going to miss Madea. Her tough and daring nature, Her bluntness that always makes us laugh every time we see her. Her boldness, her tenacity and her good heart. We’ll definitely miss her.
We’re going to miss Madea and her tantrums

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Tyler Perry. We hope he replaces Madea with a character as endearing and entertaining as her.



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