Trumps Beseechs Farmers Caught In Tariffs War To Be “Just A Little Patient”

President Trump sought here Tuesday to temper a growing Republican rebellion over his escalating trade war, pleading with farmers to “be a little patient” and urged people not to believe the news reports they see and read.

As his administration prepares a $12 billion bailout for farmers whose products face tariffs from China and other countries retaliating against Trump’s trade policies, the president implored Americans to keep faith in his strategy.

Trump mocked the agriculture industry’s extensive efforts to persuade him to change course. “They have some of the greatest lobbying teams ever put together,” he said, taking pride in his unwillingness to be convinced. Ultimately, Trump argued, farmers “will be the biggest beneficiary” of his policies.

“Just be a little patient,” the president said.

Trump made his remarks on trade during an expansive address to an estimated 4,000 veterans at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 119th annual convention here in Kansas City.

World War II veteran Allen Q. Jones asks a question of President Trump at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention Tuesday, in Kansas City, Mo. (Charlie Riedel/AP)

Trump received one of his loudest and most sustained applause when he attacked the news media for its reporting on his trade policies and other issues.

“Stick with us,” Trump said. “Don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news.” As he gestured at the press riser on the floor of the Municipal Auditorium, veterans in the stands took their cue from the commander in chief and pointed, booed and hissed at journalists.

“Just remember,” Trump told the crowd, “what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.

The Washington Post


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