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Trump Statement Sparks “Ridicule” Laughter Among World Leaders

The United States’ President Donald Trump at the United Nation General Assembly on Tuesday created a comic scenario during his speech.

The President in a statement while commenting on his administration accomplishment sparked a general laughter that left many world leaders thrilled.

“In less than two years, my administration has accomplished almost more than any other administration in the history of our country,” Trump said at the top of his address, which prompted audible laughter in the hall.

“Didn’t expect that reaction but that’s OK,” he responded.

“We are standing up for America and the American people and we are also standing up for the world. This is great news for our citizens and for peace-loving people everywhere,” he continued.

However, before Trump took the stage as reported by ABC News, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said he was going to use a “different tone” in his address.

“I think that his speech this morning is going to be a great moment for the president. We’ve had a tremendous amount of success — particularly when it comes to the foreign policy front — over the last year since he gave his last speech,” Sanders said Tuesday on “GMA.”

The president also took to discuss other controversial foreign policy decisions he made, which includes moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and levying tariffs, taking particular aim at China, he also called on all nations to isolate Iran.


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