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TOP 10 Things Do’s And Don’t s If You Want To Make A Difference This 2019

Yeah, the New Year is upon us and we seem to be in the spirits already, as a lot of people are already setting out goals, aims and new resolutions to follow diligently throughout the coming year. But the truth remains 90% of us, in fact 99% of us will fail one way or the other, it is normal because we are kind of used to that particular lifestyle.

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So while we deceive ourselves with the new year resolution, i want to bring out an idea of things that if you do this coming year it would make it a great and fulfilled one,

Let’s Go

  1. Go back to school or Enrol for a Certificate Awarding Course be it online or classroom, because no knowledge is lost. You never can tell.
  2. Learn A Skill That Is Useful In Today’s Society , don’t go and learn a skill that can be easily executed by a machine or computer, learn something appreciated in today’s world, and make your money.
  3. Be Nice To Strangers, yes be very nice to strangers, you must have heard people say this world is a small place, bro yes it is. If you are in a place and someone approaches you that they are stranded, if you can please assist them without hesitation. This world is small
  4. Don’t Borrow Money, need i say more, save yourself from future embarrassment’s because trust me, if you borrow money and you are unable to pay it back depression set’s in and people have gone as far as ending their own lives just because of the debt they owe. Please don’t borrow, manage what you have.
  5. Find Love, uh la la, yep find love don’t be cold when you feel something for someone, or when someone loves you, just because of your past experiences, forget what has happened and look at what the new person has to offer. Yeah you getting old ladies
  6. Make New Friends, don’t be an island that does not have where to run to always alone, go out find a human being to socialize with. Friends can make you a good or a bad person, so choose well.
  7. Get a Job, Or Start A Business, The reason behind this is that, you just have to have a form of income, bringing in money, do not be an idle person who sleeps, eats baths, and goes to church every now and then asking God to remove poverty from your life, trust me if i am poverty,i will deal with you
  8. Dress Well And Speak Correct English, No matter where you may be going, as long as you are stepping out of your house, put on something good and don’t dress like someone selling pepper and you are going to the bank. And secondly please learn how to speak English correctly, also add a little courtesy to your conversation’s with people.
  9. Don’t Get Into Fight’s, Just save yourself the stress and walk away, especially if it is with a stranger or a close friend trust me, it’s not worth it.
  10. Keep Bad Energy Far Away, you see those people that gave you headache throughout 2018, throw them away this 2019, for the sake of your sanity. Don’t let their sense of entitlement ruin you, drop them please. Help yourselves

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IF you can do these diligently this 2019, you have achieved something


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