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Tonto Dikeh reveals yet her best decision ever

Popular Nigeria Actress,Tonto Dikeh has revealed yet her best decision ever was to go back to further her education.
Recently, the actress shared a picture of on instagram with showed that she was in a school hall, also explaining that she had decided to lean towards education to achieve new levels.

She gave a detailed explanation of her decision as she captioned the pictures,

“Back to school, best decision I ever made. Leadership flows to the one who knows, never stop educating yourself.

“New levels require new information… KING TONTO [Director Socials and empowerment at committee of youths on Mobilisation and sensitization(Cyms), Office of the presidency]”. She added.

Just last month, Tonto established her intentions to go into politics in 2023 saying her sight was already on the senate.

“I know that I’m going to be a senator. I think the position is going to climb up. Being a governor, I do not know. But I don’t see anything past me. Anything I put my mind to.

“I can do it. I’m in the process; I’ve started. I’ve been watching the grounds. I’m not going to be identifying with any political party at the moment until 2023. I got so detached from Nollywood.

“I won’t say I’ve grown bigger than Nollywood. My dreams have rather grown bigger than Nollywood. I’ve rejected movie roles and I still do. I’m one artiste who didn’t like to be stereotyped.

“…I have also gone back to school for leadership. I started taking classes on speaking and influencing. They train you on how to be a leader and speaking in public, public relations.” She added.


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