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Tonto Dike Battling Protruded Tummy? See The Actress Try On A Possible Solution

Are you battling that little sack of yours called tummy that won’t just quit sticking out? It definitely gets frustrating but the good news is you are not alone. Nollywood Iconic actress and Philanthropist Tonto Dikeh is with you. In a picture shared by the 32-year-old mother, the CEO of Tonto Dikeh foundation is seen with a bunch of kids posed for a selfie. Also in the picture is the point of this write-up, the beautiful actress is spotted rocking herself some tummy trimmer inside of her white t-shirt which she pairs with a denim trouser. The actress is all smiles in the midst of hope for tomorrow (children) and she is definitely not ashamed of her inner accessory. So to you who can relate with battling protruded tummy, I’m sure you can relate with the tummy trimmer too and if not, what’s next, go buy yourself some? Just a little warning for you, it could get super uncomfortable but as the saying goes “no pain, no gain”.








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