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Three Nigerian Films To Be Showcased In Hollywood

Three Nigerian movies have been selected as the three best Nollywood films to be showcased in Hollywood, California at the Third edition of  Nollywood  In Hollywood. The movies to be showcased are;

  • Merry Men 2
  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free
  • The Ghost and The House of Truth

The opening night premiere will hold on March 27 and 28, 2020 at the historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

The annual event is to display the best five foreign films in the world.

According to the director of operations for Nollywood in Hollywood, Maceo Willis, “We’re delighted to continue this event, which is fast becoming a staple of the Hollywood calendar.

“Thanks to our airline partner, KLM/Air France for making this possible. Their belief in Nigeria and Nollywood has seen them fly the selected filmmakers and actors to Hollywood where they have been exposed to the industry.

“We believe Nollywood In Hollywood is making a huge difference in Nollywood and positively impacts how the world perceives the Nigerian nation,” says Maceo Willis, director of operations for Nollywood in Hollywood.


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