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Three Cars Were Sold To Raise The Ransom For My Father’s Release- Archbishop Son Disclosed


Son of The Nasarawa State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN),Bishop Miracle Masin, disclosed on Tuesday that three cars were sold to raise the ransom for his father release.

Archbishop Joseph Masin was abducted by armed men before he was released on Saturday around 11:45pm.

In a statement made by Bishop Miracle, the vehicle were owned by him, his wife and his father, also added that people also contributed money for his father’s relesase.

Archbishop Joseph was abducted at his residence in Bukan-Sidi, Lafia Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

He said “Millions of naira was paid but we are not ready to disclose it now. The pressure was so much but we thank God for everything. The negotiations began from the day he was kidnapped till he was released on Saturday, May 30 around 11.45pm. He got home on Sunday around 4am.”

“My father didn’t even know where he was until he met some people, who were running away from him until one of them was bold to come close and ask him what happened. They later took him to a place where we met him in.”

“For those days, my father couldn’t eat. They were bringing food but he couldn’t eat because he was not sure of what was in the food and he didn’t trust them.

“They released him along Eggon but the ransom was actually paid in Obi.”


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