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Thousands March To Press Government Over Same-sex Marriage

Thousands marched through the capital city of Taiwan on Saturday 27, October. 

Amidst the annual gay pride parade, thousands, storms the capital city of Taiwan to foster the government to pass on its ruling of marriage equality which Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to be legally married.

The court in favour of same-sex couple ruled on 24 May 2017 that same-sex couple have the right to marry under the constitution, however, the Legislative Yuan was given two years to amend the marriage laws to fit with the constitution.

Meanwhile, there has been little progress to the ruling, while local elections would be held on November 24, gay rights and anti-gay activists have organised referendums that will take place.

as reported by IWCP, over 130,000 people took part in the parade in Taipei, Wang Zi, a 35 year Beijing said he supports Taiwan for being a pioneer in gender equality and same-sex marriage in Asia,

“There should not be boundaries when it comes to love and sex,” Mr. Wang said.

“I am supporting this. Although I cannot take part in this [referendum], I will support Taiwan with all my might. Go Taiwan. Go marriage equality.”

Carrying banners that said “vote for your happy future,” the marchers shouted, “defeat discrimination”. Aljazeera reports

“We will use our vote to tell Tsai Ing-wen’s government that people want marriage equality,” said Miao Poya, who joined the parade and was one of the activists who proposed a referendum in favor of same-sex marriage, Aljazeera.


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