This Pictures of Emir Sanusi’s Library Will Blow Your Mind

A man has uncovered his astonishment subsequent to going by the library situated in the Palace of the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II. As per him, the huge front room which serves as a library – isn’t just exquisite however a woods of books. As per reports, the Emir still has near 14,000 accumulations in his home in London that he is intending to bring back home in Kano state.

Read what Nur Habib shared online after his visit to the flawless library;

I exited the Emir’s Palace here in Kano at around 9:35 pm. I ran with my uncle and cousin this time around. What’s more, I went into segments of the Palace that I have never been to. It was delightful, particularly during the evening. The remodels and recreations some protested about are well justified, despite all the trouble as I would like to think.

We met the King in his new library at the Palace. A wonderfully outfitted vast live with the most lovely wood framing and ceiling fixtures I have ever observed. There were retires on two sides of the room filled from the floor to the roof with books.

Keep in mind that family law he proposed one time? All things considered, the issue came up as His Highness rose to get a duplicate of a book on Islamic law composed a very long time prior where the suggested least age for marriage was shockingly determined at 18. He at that point read from another book that recorded the distinctive age limits for marriage for the two guys and females in a few Middle-eastern nations and crosswise over various Islamic factions.

He said that he is as yet demanding that the base age farthest point can be bantered about, extending between 15, 16 et cetera, the same number of researchers contended for, however that despite everything he lean towards it to be set at 18 years of age. In any case, to demand that the establishment of marriage can’t be managed isn’t just pretentious however preposterous.

The King at that point related a discussion he once had with a noticeable researcher here in Kano where the Malam disclosed to His Highness that the issue with presenting something as new as the King is proposing is that the general population won’t welcome it. That they will “talk”.

The Emir giggled, as did we, when he said he answered the Malam saying that what will the general population say other than what individuals like him let them know? On the off chance that he instructs them to acknowledge it, they won’t help it. In like manner, on the off chance that he likewise instructs them to dismiss it then that is they’ll main thing. Researchers have that power here. Once in a while more power than the legislature even.

Anyway, work is as yet continuous. The law is as yet being adjusted and all the diverse sides will get together indeed to locate a last route forward.

He even included that the Governor of Jigawa disclosed to him that they are now exceptionally ready to execute such a family law there.

Exchanges proceeded onward to different subjects as I kept on wondering about the exquisite excellence of His Highness’ great library. Also, I contemplated internally, hold up o, this man is similarly a researcher himself. He isn’t simply aping or making commotion yet he really recognizes what he is discussing from the points of view of religion, culture and the law.

Something else meeting him today helped me to remember is that he is very tall as well. You don’t generally observe it on TV or in pictures. Or then again when he’s situated in all his royal formal attire on a royal position.

One final thing that he did that I discovered greatly wonderful was the manner by which he immediately remembered me. The first and last time I went by and met the Emir in private was at some point early or mid a year ago, I can’t recall when correctly yet I made a post about it here. We had a concise discussion after I had presented myself and I haven’t met with the Emir one on one from that point forward.

However, the man remembered me quickly. Considering the volume of faces he goes over nearly once a day, I observed this to be exceptionally amazing. What a memory.



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