Things You Shouldn’t Do During The Polls

As part of its public awareness campaign, the commission has revealed seven cardinal sins that should not be committed anywhere around the thousands of polling units where Nigerians will cast their votes on Saturday, February 23, 2019.


The Election Day Offenses listed by the commission are:

1. No campaigning for votes, or persuasion of voters to not vote for a candidate.

2. No shouting of slogans concerning the election, or in support of any party.

3. No one should be in possession of an offensive weapon or wear any apparel calculated to intimidate voters.

4. No one is allowed to use a vehicle bearing the colour or symbol of a political party or candidate

5. No one is allowed to loiter at polling units without lawful excuse after voting or after being refused to vote.

6. No one is allowed to snatch or destroy any election materials.

7. No one is allowed to blare siren.

That’s all.


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