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Things You Do Not Know About Nollywood Actress, Etinosa Idemudia

Nollywood actress and comedian, Etinosa Idemudia, has revealed that fame has robbed her off the chance or the room to play and be herself freely in public and even in private.

Etinosa, while sharing her life experiences in an interview said sometimes she has to caution herself in public places as she has to think about how her actions would be misconstrued.

The beautiful and playful engineer-turned-actress said everything that has happened to her in life was destined to happen, adding that she has no regret or whatsoever.

Etinosa became the topic of social media discussion recently after a video of her going fully naked on singer, MC Galaxy’s InstaLive feed filtered into the internet.

The social media influencer, film maker and internet celebrity, whose marriage to a military personnel crashed due to domestic violence while sharing her life lessons in her marriage, saying character, attitude, behaviour, habits that come around to ruin a marriage, don’t just come from nowhere in a marriage.

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She added people see signs before we getting married, but pressure or the butterflies in the tummy, that make them overlook them and be like “Let me just manage this one”.

Speaking about the controversial nude live video with MC Galaxy, noted that she put aside the negatative backlash and focused on her work, with the help of friends and family, adding that it affected her psycologically and emotionally.



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