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The Royals Are An Embarrassment -Meghan Markle’s Half Sister Spits Hot

Samantha Grant, estranged half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has tagged the royals ‘an embarrassment’.The embittered sister in a series of tweets claimes she will hold Meghan responsible if their father dies.

It can be recalled that the Thomas Markle, father of the former actress has since complained about not having to see or talk to his daughter after her wedding to Prince Harry, adding that she looks pained even in her smile.

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According to Samantha, “my father is not an embarrassment for loving his daughter! The Royals are an embarrassment for being so cold. You should be ashamed of yourselves @KensingtonRoyal. How about you pay tribute to your own father?! Enough is enough. Act like a humanitarian act like a woman! If our father dies I’m holding you responsible, Meg!”


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