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The Queen Of England To Be Removed From Home At 99

The queen of England set to leave her residence, the Buckingham Palace’s East wing for renovation.

Over 3,000 items of art and furniture are being removed from Buckingham Palace’s East wing as the Queen’s residence undergoes a £369 million refurbishment.

The Iconic building would be done wing by wing, the Queen’s private apartment, North wing, would be touched last, which she should be 99, the refurbishment would last for about 10 years, which is expected to be completed in 2027.

As reported by Metro UK, Objects being removed include 200 paintings, 40 chandeliers, 100 mirrors, 30 clocks, 200 books, 40 historic textiles and 560 items of everyday furniture, from beds to desks and chairs.

However, the Queen has shown no remorse concerning her movement out of the palace which she and her husband the Duke of Edinburg have lived since 1953.

when asked where she would like to go to during the refurbishment, the Queen replied,

“let me know where you would like me to go”.

Most of the items removed from the palace would be placed on public display in other royal residences.

Around 150 items will be returned on loan to the Royal Pavilion in the seaside town of Brighton, where they were originally held before Queen Victoria sold the building in 1850.

Around 120 staff and around 40 people living in the upper floors will be relocated within the palace, but officials say it will otherwise be ‘business as usual’, Metro Uk reports.

The refurbishment programme was tabled in April 2017 after parliament agreed on the funding.

The last restoration of the royal palaces was in 1992, which The Duke of Edinburg surveyed a five-year restoration project at Windsor after a fire broke out, while maintenance works were being carried out.


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