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The President Of Miyetti Allah,Says Government Should Return Ruga

The president Miyetti  Allah,Bello Abdullahi  Bodeji  said  bad-naming is a political move by enemies .


Miyetti Allah asked for the return of Ruga as a way to help herders who have contributed so much to the economy The president of the Fulani socio-cultural association, Miyetti Allah, Bello Abdullahi Bodeji, has strongly condemned the tagging of herdsmen as criminals.

He said that the bad name calling was sponsored by some politicians and enemies of the Fulani to blackmail and cause unnecessary chaos in the country.

Garba  Shehu Bodejo, at a speaking function in Bauchi state, said all forms of criminal activities such as armed robbery and kidnapping were used to paint the ethnic group in a bad light. He also said that the continued clashes between farmers and herders are age-long and that they are only now politicized. The president of the association said the two groups have always found traditional ways to resolve their issues, despite their contribution to the country’s economy.

“You will see someone taking pictures from accident scenes and before you know, he would post them on social media, claiming herdsmen are responsible for the killings. It’s unfortunate,” he said.

He said that herders do not carry arms around as made known in the media except the sticks they are popularly known for. He also commented on federal government’s Ruga settlement, making a case for the return of the policy. The Miyetti Allah’s president said that in as much the government through various ways help businesses across the country, then herders’ business should not be any different.


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