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The Arotile Family Speak On Late Tolulope’s Death, Father Says He Spoke To Her Hours Before Her Death

Mr Akintunde Arotile the father of the first female combat pilot in the Nigerian Air Force, late Tolulope Arotile, has spoken to the public on how the family is coping with the sad and unfortunate death of their daughter.

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Late Tolulope Arotile was crushed by a car according to the report from the Nigerian Air Force Base Kaduna that an old classmate of her who was driving, saw her and in excitement tried to reach her but in a sad twist of fate, she was crushed while the car was in reverse motion.

Her Father granted an interview where he revealed some events that occurred before he heard of her unfortunate death.

He said he spoke to her around 1pm and she told him how work was faring, he said she also said she wanted to make some photocopies of a document, and she would get back to him. He said he was shocked to the bone marrow when someone called him and told him to call his daughter’s line, that something had happened.

He immediately called her line but no one picked, he said he started getting uncomfortable and he called some of her colleagues, and they were weeping on the phone, he immediately dropped the call and called a commandant who broke the news of Tolulope’s death to him.

He said he immediately drove down to Lokoja to inform his wife, but she was praying on the mountain at that time, so he waited till she finished before telling her, but said he was unsure.

He later said though Tolulope’s death came as a shock to the entire Arotile Family, but he is happy for the feat she achieved in her lifetime, saying the family could not be any prouder of her.

He also disclosed the the Air Force has suggested to the Family the she should be buried at the National Cemetery, in honor of her feat as the first female combat pilot.

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