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Thai Police Arrests Nigerian-International Drug Dealer In Bangkok

Thai police working with the US Drug Enforcement organization have captured a Nigerian man who they say is a universal street pharmacist in cocaine.

Identified as Emmanuel Okwudili Ilichukwu ,he was arrested in Suksawat Soi 26 on two warrants on Thursday, February 22.

A power drove by agent vacationer police magistrate Surachet Hakpal assaulted his property where they found an amount of ganja in a sustenance pantry.

 Photos: Nigerian international cocaine dealer arrested in Bangkok

Surachet told the media that the Thais had been working with the DEA to capture the Nigerian. He had been on their radar however he figured out how to stay away from catch previously.

 Photos: Nigerian international cocaine dealer arrested in Bangkok

He had influenced visit trips from Bangkok to Nigeria to and was engaged with bundling cocaine in plastic and concealing it in electrical apparatuses.

The drugs however found their way to Australia and New Zealand.

He was utilizing Bangkok as a base and furthermore managing drugs in the Thai capital. He has been accused of ownership and expectation to disseminate a class 2 drug.

According to Thai Rath.



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