Teni Features In Vogue Magazine; Speaks On Sugar Mummy And Her Sense Of Style

Popular Nigerian singer Teniola Apata aka Teni has recently been recognized by international publishing house Vogue Magazine, after getting featured in an article where she spoke about her latest music single.
The talented singer was filled with excitement as she shared the news of her Vogue feature with fans and followers on social media. In the article, the much loved songstress spoke with Vogue’s fashion news director Chioma Nnadi, about her latest music single Sugar Mummy; a song which has been one of the top listening choice for lovers of her kind of music, as well as her rise to stardom.
Teni revealed that the song was inspired by the need to change people’s perception, particularly Nigerians of who a sugar mummy is.  Many people often use the term to describe rich older woman who use their wealth to lure younger men into a romantic relationship with them.
But the Case crooner expressed that she wants females described with the term to be seen as strong women who look good and are proud to be different.
“I want to make Sugar Mummy a positive term. She is a woman with swag, who looks good, who is proud to be different.” she said.
Speaking on her sense of style, the singing star revealed that she does not want to conform to the stereotype that women have to be feminine. She expressed that no one should get to choose how she lives her life.
There’s an assumption that women have to look a certain way to be feminine, but I don’t want to conform to that stereotype. My thing is this: You don’t get to decide how I choose to live my life. I’m being me, respect that.”  she said.
On how she has been able to use her influence to help, Teni recounted an incident with one of her Instagram followers who was on the verge of committing suicide.
“This girl was on the verge of taking her life, so I immediately got her number and reached out to her. She explained that watching my funny Instagram videos had kept her going. It was in that moment that I realized how powerful my influence can be. If I can be a source of hope and joy to somebody, then I’m doing something right.” she said.


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