Teenager Drowns 4 week Son

A U.s Teenager Jenna M. Folwell, had drowned her 4 weeks old son after several searches on Google on how to kill a baby.

The 19 year old mother thereby drowned the infant in her apartment on Wednesday after reporting to the police that her son was abducted.

The U.S mom was booked into a Maricopa County jail on suspicion of first-degree murder. She was being held with bond set at $1 million.

During investigation, the police found the body of the 4 week old; Rainer Canku about 3:30 pm on Wednesday, just hours after Jenna reported her son was abducted at Crossing Park.

A search warrant was thereby secured for Jenna’s phone where the police found varieties of searches in her web browser like how long it takes to drown a baby and why parents murder their babies.

Speaking about her crime, Jenna told the police she settled for ‘drowning’ because she wouldn’t have to hear him crying.




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